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Focus On The Lord

Dear Precious Friends,
On the beautiful Fill Our Soul Sunday, I pray we are embracing the gift of a new day knowing no matter what we are walking through, the Lord is with us, He loves us and will carry us through.
When we are caught in many circumstances over which we have limited control we must always look up. Our natural inclination in our heart and mind is to focus only upon our own problems. What do we do when we are trapped by pain? God is the way to our freedom. When we face a dark circumstance in our life God will come to the rescue and give you freedom if you look up to Him. "That is why it's so important In every kind of circumstance in life — whether in good times or bad — we need to stay focused on the LORD, in order to safely stay on the right path, without stumbling.
We become depressed, oppressed and sidetracked when we have our eyes on our problems and situations, instead of on the Lord. When we get our eyes off the Lord, we are not walking in the Spirit. When our eyes are on the Lord, we do not get overwhelmed by our circumstances and He gives us peace that passes all understanding. Know peace, know Jesus. No Peace, No Jesus.
When we keep God at the center of our lives, we are able to survive and even prosper when we encounter difficult people or troublesome situations because we know God is in control. We know God will pluck our feet out of the net. It is a strategy of the enemy to distract us from the Lord. Satan wants us to focus on the circumstance. He wants us to worry and stress. When we are distracted by all these things, we are no longer trusting in the Lord. He is no longer our focus. How do we focus on God during trials and temptations? It always comes back to the Word of God and fellowship with Him. When trials overwhelm us, we must not forget to read the Word, spend time in prayer, listen to worship, and be in fellowship with other believers who will encourage us. We must not give the enemy a foothold to bring us down. Let us keep your eyes always on the Lord.
Source: God's word, Holy Spirit, Daily Devo.
May be an image of flower and text that says 'Myeyes forHe rescues me from the traps of my enemies. are always on the Sord Psalm 25:15 SWEET TOTHE SOUL'
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