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Focus On Jesus

Dear Precious Friends,
On this Wonderful Wednesday, this beautiful day and gift from God we are reminded by this passage of the importance of spending time with the Lord.

When there are doubts in our head, tiredness in our bones and an aching in our heart, The best place for answers is the Bible. As this precious gift from Heaven gives us so many glimpses into the heart of our Father. I love this acronym: B.I.B.L.E.:
Basic Instructions Becore Leaving Earth.

All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right
2Timothy 3:16

It is amazing that God‘s absolute truth his answer to every circumstance we face on this earth are found in his God breathed word. All Scripture is God Breathed !

If you’re anything like me ....often times I allow the world to get in the way of my time with the Lord. I wake up earlier to spend time with Him, then my phone dings or the computer goes off and suddenly I get distracted ....and my time with the Lord gets interrupted.
I often say when people comment to me “you are so busy, “ I stop them in their tracks because busy means being under Satan’s yoke “B.U.S.Y.” so it’s much ado about nothing. We are purposeful!!!

In this passage we see Martha in all her busyness, lost sight of the importance of spending time with the Lord. But let us not be quick to judge her. Many times in our spiritual journey we begin to focus so much on what “we” are doing that we lose sight of our passion and desire to please God, and get placed on the back burner while our feeble efforts leave us tired and disappointed.

Jesus has saved us; He displayed His love for us with the sacrifice of His life. He desires to have intimate companionship with us. When we become more focused on our feelings and circumstances that are constantly changing, we soon discover the relationship and the love begin to diminish.

When the world feels in utter chaos and you feel your worth is the size of a pea, the best place to be is sitting at Jesus. Why at Jesus’ feet? When we quiet our hearts and sit vulnerable before the Lord, He exposes where the truth dwells and where the lies of the enemy rot our hearts.

It is at His feet that we find out where our priorities and ambition should be. It is a resting place for us where our questions and doubts are silenced and the words of Jesus strengthen our hearts, minds, and bodies. He teaches us about His heart in this place and He also shows us our own identity under the light of His love, acceptance, and belonging. If we want to keep the passion in our relationship with Jesus, we need to remain focused on Him, not our circumstance, and feelings. Constantly seeking to know more of Him, His ways, His love and His word, will leave us little time to become consumed with worrisome things. He enables us to do what He has appointed us to do, and He will guide us down the path He has chosen. My friends, there is nothing in our lives more important in our day, than the intimate and quiet moments we spend with Jesus. Let’s Ask Him to revive the passion in our heart, and restore our relationship with Him.

Are you a Martha or a Mary?
Let’s prioritize our time with our Lord today and every day.

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