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Declare this aloud with me:

Heavenly Father, we as the Body of Christ rise up & we thank You that whatever we ask, we receive through the blood-bought covenant right to healing and divine protection in Jesus’ precious Name. And so we ask for a miraculous & immediate discovery of a cure for the coronavirus— unleashed by hell upon the earth. We rise up, as the glorious Church and we decide to be the force on this earth that you declared: the gates of Hell could not prevail against! We are Your Body. And even the mere hem of your garment healed the sick! And so as your Body in the earth we declare healing to everyone who reads this and embraces this by faith. Now, as sons & daughters of God we rise up to prophesy according to your Word. You said we could prophesy & speak to the mountain. And it would obey us; To prophesy to the dry bones and they would come together. To prophesy breathe Into those bones and they would be filled with life. So we speak to the immune systems of our bodies, our family’s bodies, our church members’ bodies, our local community bodies, and we declare we are healthy and supernaturally strong! We resist every virus and every form of illness trying to ravage this earth. And we declare it is bound on earth. Therefore it is bound In heaven! We loose Stronger immune systems on earth and so they are loosed in heaven.
We declare that any of us or our families or church family who has been infected by this virus, they are healed by Your stripes, in the name of Jesus!
And now we take authority over the fear and anxiety that has arrested our world, our businesses our celebration of life, and we command this fear to stand down! We enforce the perfect love of God in each of our lives —which banishes and casts out fear. Your perfect love arrests all torment in the minds of your people your church and our nation; and it loses its power now in the name of Jesus.
We will not live in fear. We will live in faith, hope and love. And the greatest is love because it casts out fear!

Now we declare that NO disease, virus or plague can cross the blood line. The covenant blood of Jesus forbids plagues and viruses from coming to us.
We declare that no weapon formed against us will prosper. It will not prosper against our bodies, our minds or our spirits. It will not prosper against our families or church members.
We declare that no evil shall befall us, nor shall any plague come near our dwelling.
We walk in wisdom, and we walk by faith. We will be led by your Spirit, not fear, and we will lead with love.
And finally today we unleash the army of the body of Christ to lead the way by moving in faith not fear, love not torment, hope not despair & compassion not self-righteousness or judgement. And we prophesy to the winds carrying debilitating viruses—and we say: peace be still! And now , there shall be a great calm according to Your Word and our word. Angels are carrying out these words in the earth now according to your promises, In Jesus’ mighty Name! Amen!

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