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Dear Precious Friends,
As we embrace the incredible gift of a new day and relish our time with the Lord, I love this amazing reminder from Psalm 26. The first part of Psalm 26 is a lament, that comes from deep within David's heart. He is pleading for God's deliverance from his enemies and entreating the Lord not to turn His ear away from him. His distress seems so intense that the psalmist imagines that he will die, and "become like those who go down into the pit - the silent grave", if the Lord does not hear his pitiful cry and respond graciously to his desperate pleas.
"Therefore my heart exults, and with my song I shall thank Him".
The sudden contrast in David's two extremes of expression, in this simple, short psalm are very noticeable, for he passes from desperate distress to exuberant praise. His spirit was swept from anguish to adoration and his confidence in God seemed to suddenly sweep his soul from bitter pleading into blessed praise.

"The LORD is my strength and my shield", is his exultant exclamation. His grace and strength is sufficient... for He is the all-powerful God.
My Friends, When we feel great distress we are to first and foremost spend time with our Lord. Lay all our burdens at the cross... Every single one... He gives us His strength to praise Him in our storms... We could never do it alone.
"My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped"!
What TRUTH! God has promised to be with us in every situation of life.. and all God wants from us is to trust His word; believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and hold fast to His many precious promises. Without faith it is impossible to please Him, but those who put their trust in Him will never be disappointed.

We should remember that when faced with tremendous difficulties and dangers we have the sentence of death within ourselves so that in our helplessness we would not trust in ourselves but in Christ, Who rose from the dead; provides us with His sufficient grace - and in Whom we have been made a new creation. WOW! What amazing truth!
SO how do I go from distress to praise... How???

"Therefore, my heart exults", David concludes, "and with my song I shall thank Him". There is something very edifying and encouraging in glorifying God and singing praises to Him.. even when faced with problems and pain, for it not only lifts our heart and give hope to the soul but causes us to trust Him in our helplessness and gives great glory to our Father in heaven.
When we lay our burdens before the Lord and seek Him first and cry out to Him for help... He will show us His incredible gift of His beauty from our ashes... His strength in our weakness, His power in our circumstances.
Dear Heavenly Father, what comfort and joy all Your children gain from Your precious word, and I thank You that You are my strength and my Shield. My heart trusts in You and I praise and thank You for the help and comfort I received, through faith in Christ Jesus my Savior. Thank You that Your ear is ever open to the cries of Your people. Help me take every thought captive to you, when circumstances arise that would otherwise overwhelm me and cause me to fear. The joy of the Lord is my strength and in Christ, therefore my heart exults in grateful thanks and eternal praise, AMEN.

Source: Knowing Jesus daily verse

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