Be Still

Dear Precious Friends,
A new day my friends! What a gift! So much to be grateful for despite the difficulties our country is experiencing. As we are in this season of Thanksgiving we are ever mindful of the greatest gifts of God, Family and Friends. God gave us His word to meditate on and it is our absolute truth and best way to start each day....
Did you ever notice how hard it is to "Be Still" yet the Psalmist reminds us it is the way we know He is God... I was thinking about this passage... "Be still and know that I am God. " Psalm 46:10. As soon as we sit down to have our time with the Lord, we get tempted by our phone, our computer, and if we don't put those things away, the next thing you know we missed the most sacred time and best way to start our day.
Upon further research Be Still means in Hebrew "Let Go". Remember Silent and Listen have the same letters... HMMMM Wonder why that is???
So what is it you need to let go of and give to God? It's the only way to wholeheartedly walk in freedom.
My friends... I am including one of my favorite songs and the incredible video that goes with it is breathtakingly the reminder of what it truly means to let go and give it to God.
I ask for prayers as we start radiation for Rick today that will last 8 weeks every day but the weekends. . We are super grateful for all the ways God has provided for us and the prayers and support have been amazing. God is so faithful and once I gave Him Rick's cancer, He gave me this freedom I see in this song knowing He has this and I can trust Him no matter what the outcome yet we feel certain and have claimed that the cancer is gone and Rick has been healed.
Here's to walking in this freedom you see depicted in this amazing video. Please share how it touches your heart. When I speak to womens groups, I often bring this and show it. It is truly one of my favorite songs and favorite videos and what it means to Be Still and KNOW... and receive the gift of Freedom knowing HE IS GOD.



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