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Answer Me

Dear Precious Friends
As we embrace a new day giving thanks to our Lord for this incredible gift we know God is with us, He loves us so much and we are here For a purpose.
I love reading Psalms especially during such a time as this.
I asked you what it feels like to be stressed, anxious, worried or overwhelmed, how would you put it into words? I would assume it can best describe something like this. Where those feelings are like it is as though something is pressing in on you, pushing you down emotionally and preventing you from escaping your situation. It feels like you are in a tight place. The more these feelings build up, the more you want to lash out, strike out, or push back against your burdens. Though you might look okay on the outside, inside you are anxious and struggling.
Do you ever feel this way? Stress comes at us every day, in a thousand different ways. Job stress, money stress, kid stress, house stress, medical stress, relationship stress—the list goes on.
We may try but we can’t escape it in this broken world. We may feel trapped and imprisoned by these things we cannot change, and they weigh heavily on us.
When I read the verse for today, I was struck by the explanation in the bible for the word, “relief.” It literally means, “make room for me in tight places.” Wow. Can we all totally identify with that idea!
But I love that this verse shows us Someone who can come and offer relief. So many times, we try to make our own space in our tight places—handling things on our own and attempting to solve problems without ever calling on the One who best knows how to make room for us. He is faithful to give us emotional elbow room, easing our burdens and offering us His wisdom. He shows us mercy when we call on Him, hearing our prayers and rescuing us from “tight” places. The next time we feel stressed, anxious, worried or overwhelmed, let us call out to Jesus in prayer and let Him find us in our “tight” place, and make room where we thought there was none.
Amen and amen!
Source: Psalm 4 and Daily Devotional.
May be an image of sky and text that says 'Answer me when I call to you, my righteous God. Give me relief from my distress; be merciful to me and hear my prayer. -Psalm 4:1-'
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